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DCMCHECK is a validation and testing tool for DICOM images. The program reads a DICOM image from a file, checks the conformance of the image concerning the DICOM standard and creates a test report which describes in detail all detected violations of the standard.

The DICOM standard contains Information Object Definitions (IODs) for images generated by each modality type. In order to test if a specific image conforms to its specification, it is necessary to formalize the IODs, their required and optional attributes, including the associated natural language conditions.

For this purpose, DCMCHECK uses a specialized IOD description language which allows to easily add extensions (e. g. private elements, DICOM correction proposals) to the IOD definition without changing the application itself. Images are tested for conformance concerning the definitions in DICOM Part 3 (IOD definition), Part 5 (data structures and encoding) and Part 6 (data dictionary). The conformance of the "meta header" according to part 10 of the standard as well as the consistency between header and meta header are also scrutinized.

Scientific papers on DCMCHECK

The following scientific papers describe the research work on which DCMCHECK is based:

  1. Hewett AJ, Grevemeyer H, Barth A, Eichelberg M, Jensch P: Conformance Testing of DICOM Objects, in: Medical Imaging 1997, Proceedings SPIE
  2. Hewett AJ, Grevemeyer H, Barth A, Eichelberg M, Jensch P: Techniques and Experiences in Validating DICOM Images, in: Proceedings EuroPACS 1997, pp. 195-198

Reprints of these publications are available on request.

Features in detail

DCMCHECK currently supports all IODs of the 2003 edition of the DICOM standard, e. g. the following image IODs: CR, CT, DX, MG, MR, NM, RF, RT, SC, US, XA. In addition: DICOMDIR, GSPS, SR, Waveform, Stored Print. Further IODs can be added.

DCMCHECK can test images in all uncompressed and JPEG compressed transfer syntaxes. The structure of embedded pixel data is, however, not tested. DCMCHECK supports files with or without meta-header (DICOM part 10).

DCMCHECK is available for Windows, Solaris and Linux. DCMCHECK is usually delivered in binary format with the checking rules being fully editable.

This module is not freely available and must be licensed separately.

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