DCMPPS - DICOM MPPS Class Library and SCP

The module DCMPPS implements a DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) SCP based on an MPPS class library. For the program PPSSCPFS that is part of the DCMPPS module, MPPS objects are stored and maintained in DICOM file format in a specific file system directory and can be evaluated by other applications. DCMPPS keeps track of each created MPPS object, thus guaranteeing that each object can be created only once and that only existing objects can be updated by an SCU.

Features in detail

DCMPPS/PPSSCPFS supports the following features:

  • Receipt of arbitrary MPPS messages and storage of the corresponding MPPS object in file
  • If desired, only messages from "known" SCUs are accepted
  • Extensive checking of incoming messages for completeness and validity
  • Compatiblity options for specific modalities
  • Single and multi process mode (multiple simultanous connections)
  • Options for tweaking DICOM network communication parameters
  • Optional archiving of final MPPS objects through PPSSCPFS in XML format

Further details can be found in the online documentation of the mpps server application PPSSCPFS.

DCMPPS is based on the OFFIS DICOM Toolkit DCMTK and supports several Unix dialects (e. g. Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X) as well as Windows. There is a binary version as well as a source code variant.

The class library included in the source code release of DCMPPS allows for easy exchange of the file system destination by a database engine.

This module is not freely available and must be licensed separately.