DCMPPSCU implements a DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) SCU based on a C++ class library. For the program MPPSSCU being part of this module, MPPS messages are either read from DICOM files or composed from individual data elements. Both mechanisms can also be combined. For each program call, a single MPPS message (N-CREATE or N-SET) is sent. The current state of the MPPS object is documented in a DICOM file, which can be used for checking purposes.

Features in detail

DCMPPSCU / MPPSSCU provides the following features:

  • Transmission of MPPS messages and storage of the corresponding MPPS objects in file system
  • Usage of pre-defined MPPS messages or composition from individual data elements
  • Extensive checking of MPPS messages for completeness and validity
  • If desired, archival of the "completed" MPPS objects as DICOM files
  • Options for tweaking DICOM network communication parameters

Further details can be found in the documentation of the program MPPSSCU.

DCMPPSCU is based on the OFFIS DICOM Toolkit DCMTK and supports several Unix dialects (e. g. Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X) as well as Windows. There is a binary version as well as a source code variant.

This module is not freely available and must be licensed separately.