DCMSTCOM - DICOM Storage Commitment SCU Class Library and SCU

DCMSTCOM implements a DICOM Storage Commitment SCU based on a C++ class library. The program STCOMSCU being part of this module accepts the corresponding response messages of a Storage Commitment SCP either on the same association that was used for the request or on a separate association. The DICOM datasets that were sent or received over the network as part of the messages can be stored as DICOM files for further analysis.

Features in detail

DCMSTCOM / STCOMSCU provides the following features:

  • Support for Storage Commitment Push Model SOP Class as a Service Class User (SCU)
  • Receipt of Storage Commitment response (N-EVENT-REPORT) on the same or a separate association
  • Creation of the Storage Commitment request on the basis of given DICOM files
  • Alternatively, direct definition of SOP Class UID and SOP Instance UID (class library only)
  • Storage of DICOM request and response datasets as DICOM files (including status)
  • If desired, detailed checking and report on each transaction in the form of a text file
  • Options for tweaking DICOM network communication parameters

Further details can be found in the documentation of the program STCOMSCU.

DCMSTCOM is based on the OFFIS DICOM Toolkit DCMTK and is available in different versions: There is a binary version as well as a source code variant. DCMSTCOM supports several Unix dialects (e. g. Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X) as well as Windows.

This module is not freely available and must be licensed separately.